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Say To No-Way! To

The way to no-way to,

Not me!

Should I say to "no-way" to, 

This may be boggle to your mind on how to react and ignore for a safest possible reason from any instances, for some friends and family, relatives either asking for help or need a rescue that would make a remarkable situation in negative way on the other side by helping them out, but without to compromise your effort in upholding the relationship away from trouble, putting in chaos and avoid to being jeopardize your integrity as a person or the sort to indangering even your quite life from challenges in near future, the results as an exchange for your kindness.

Never meant hurting feelings of your friends and relatives to them for being ignored in what they want you to do in favorable means, notwithstanding for a common obligation and commitment arouse in a relationship thus embraces to is a must for families and friends, but have limitations afterall, the exception has always in place in due manner and reasonable meaning why you have not to do that for the good when it was even makes beneficial for them and make the difference?

We should think a logical fact for both negative and positive if the equation is fair, we shouldn't reverse the positive for any eventuality and turn into negative later on.

There are so many opportunity if you want to help others that would take inevitable pleasure through your kindness, but some other people took that an advantage in some cases a kind of help that would put you on a "hot seat" or even critical situation for that downsides of helping.

It is a human bahaviour or a natural characteristics of human to take pleasure by helping some people out in every particular needs, cases and pressures. But don't let anybody save you and convence by pointing the hard object into it, don't gamble the lives of anybody in order to clean up your mess.
We might enjoying a lot when others saving up our mess, while a person who saved you suffered a lot for a bad things they never did.

Take my side

Easy for us to tell people what to do, taking for granted for what they has to offered for us without learning to reconsider behind the scenes "pros' and cons'" to some people able to extend their helping hand and kindness. Asking for others' help without considering pros and cons to kind of help we demand to them, the risks that kind of help if it is goes wrong.

Kind of help that would make you regret

There are some issues and risks behind the scenes and downsides by helping others.

Here are some point of issues and risks being involve, a kind of help with precautionary conditions:

  • When the variety of instances a kind of help manifests' with derogatory behaviour to a person. In a situation for example: a friend or relatives in prison may be granted a provisions from court for his/her release to minimize the sentence of imprisonment due provided with the laws for his/her liberty, however, the court needs a third party or some relatives' commitment to be bind as equity on shared responsibility as legal obligation for any future mess and neglect to uphold the provisionary requisite or a failure to comply towards the process until fulfilling the unexpired punishment or sentence on a certain party, prior to the release and it will stated any liabilities arise can compromise your integrity as a certain guarantee to your end on subject provisions. The certain conditions may apply or applicable legally, and you will agreed to that in order to seek benefits that would help your friend or relatives wish and fully acknowlegde your help with them.
  • When financial needs, a certain level of involvement in that particular way to ease the burden for someone who needs' your help. It may be appropriate for anyone eager to help or offer a kindness for who deserves a lot, but in this case, you'll have to know first what is in your pocket, never do anything outside of your own pocket in inspite of your eagerness, meaning, no resort to any action on other means of doing it that makes' wrong principle of good deed.
  • Other form of help that makes you believe as truthful as they need the favor but in sometimes you realize isn't, some other always relying on what you has to offer and exploit in a habitual manner or took an advantage for their own good.
These kind of help are among of those natural human behaviour and aspects you could aware in some point to classify what is truthful and who deserves most.


A rejection, is a reflections from being lack of ability to understand the precious meaning of honesty, that make sense as one of the most valuable tool in this world, it would drives you away from challenges that wouldn't gonna make it.

If you did understand the great power of being honest, most people will offer a lot to help you out for what you've been keep trying doing things that really hard.

Your previous time from the past is a precious time that would tell a lot your fortune when it perfectly manipulates towards your success, using the most precious tool of honesty, it will change dramatically with no further looked back and reminisce what scene shall be needed for another take to act.

The Author Said..

This article is written based on authors' opinion and some personal point of views. The author never recommend any biased opinion and maintained impartial.


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